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Sensory Advertising Adscent®

Differentiate yourself from the clutter and tap into the sensual side of marketing. Use CVB’s Adscent scenting system to engage your customer’s feelings & emotions and make your products & messages more memorable.

Sensory advertising is the art of engaging customers by stimulating their senses beyond the purely visual or audio. Decision making behaviour as humans isn’t based on rational data processing but on the emotions we feel. Since smells are intrinsically linked to memories and emotions, marketers can tap into the power of scent to influence consumers and decision making on their path to a purchase.

Our scenting system, featuring advanced diffusion technology, converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry mist and releases it directly into your environment. There is an extensive range range of scents to choose from or, you have a scent designed for you. Scent has one of the strongest connections to not only memory but to emotions. So whether you are directly linking a product to a scent or opening up emotions with a scent, Adscent will compliment your campaign. Used as a standalone product or in combination with traditional or digital media, our product is robust, quickly and easily fitted and may also be retrofitted to existing estate. Activation options are by motion detection or by content and can be mains or battery powered.