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Our Stretch Canvas Billboard is one of our ‘best sellers ‘ a quick and low cost posting solution which brings your images to life ,the image quality provided with the evenly stretched canvas system is second to none and is achieved without the need for a keder. Poster changing is easier than ever as the edge mouldings, simply fold back it taking one person just 15 minutes without a ladder to post.

This system is glue free and eco friendly, averaging around 40% cheaper to post than traditional paper methods.

Lighting Options – Using LED lighting its also around 70% cheaper than traditional fluorescents to light.

If your campaign, your message needs elegance , to respect eco friendly principles and represent great value for money – then look no further than StormFlex.

Download Datasheet CVBTechsol-MA007-V2.0-Large-Format-Stretch-Canvas-Display-System.