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All Metal 48/96 Sheet Billboard

CVB’s 48 / 96 sheet billboards have been designed to minimise total cost of ownership. Traditionally, billboards have been constructed from wood where both design and quality vary considerably, there being something of a ‘hang it and bang it’ attitude. Wood, in a short period of time and without regular maintenance, will perish and require replacement creating a direct and indirect expense.

With a greater awareness of ‘total cost of ownership’, customers are investing more time in searching for products that will require little or no maintenance, products that are durable and will give a good return for the investment. With this in mind, CVB have designed and manufactured a stylish 48 / 96 sheet billboard – a full size example is on display at our Benfleet showroom for your perusal, there’s nothing quite like inspecting the product at close quarters.

CVB’s billboard designs offer low maintenance requiring only cleaning and, they are easy and low cost to install, with a clean modern appearance. In addition, they are readily transferable from site to site.

We also offer customisation and a range of options to meet your requirements. Our 48 / 96 Sheet has been designed from the ground up to maximise cost effectiveness while maintaining durability of product, all contributing to a low cost of ownership. The 48 / 96 sheet product provides a trusted stylish asset base that will support and enhance your messages for years to come.

Download Datasheet For Danum 48 Sheet Billboard

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