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LED Display Advertising on Vehicles



Advertisers constantly seek innovative ways to engage with their target audiences through traditional and digital media. To do this the Out Of Home (OOH) advertising industry employs a wide variety of media including billboards, poster cases, flexible stretch skin banners and more recently digital LCD and LED screens. By and large the sites are stationary and positioned in high foot fall areas such as shopping centres by the side of busy roads and in railway stations. Having said that, advertising on the side of buses has long been popular and until recently it has always been traditional posters fixed into frames which are screwed to the bus side.

However, we are currently in a digital revolution as the costs, benefits and flexibility of digital media develop on a daily basis. In turn the desire to find innovative ways to use digital is omni present as is the desire to engage an even larger number of people; companies want to reach their potential customers using every creative trick in the book and reach it with digital where ever possible.


Google wanted to do just that with the launch of G Pixel 2. The buses gave them cover & scale given that 2.2 billion bus trips per year are made on London buses alone and just as importantly many routes go through the very heart of the capital. Transport for London (TFL) have some of the world’s most regulated safety compliance demands in the world. LED screens of this type, complexity and weight had never been installed onto buses in this way. Technically the challenge was how to engineer a safe, workable and just as importantly, compliant solution taking into account the additional weight and power draw imposed upon the hybrid bus, as well as remaining within the law by not distracting drivers with moving images at junctions.


The project was also complex in that the bus manufacturer, bus operating company, media company, TFL and equipment manufacturer all needed to be involved. CVB worked with all of these disparate parties, including where necessary on contractual elements to ensure the project was delivered to an aggressive schedule, to specification and to budget. Years of project management, technical expertise and previous project knowledge ensured the project under the stewardship of CVB remained on schedule and on budget.


Sophisticated software was used to upload the clients advertising campaign to the screens, to eliminate moving images when the bus arrived at junctions, to provide automated notifications to a central log, where the systems performance was constantly monitored and vital operating information was fed to the stakeholders.
Screen weight limitations on the bus – Compliance to the limitations on the axles was achieved by careful positioning of the equipment on the bus and a VOSA test to confirm compliance.

Power consumption – The sophisticated software manages the power consumption taking into account both the condition of the bus battery and ambient light levels which dictate the screen brightness required. If a problem occurs within the operating system this was immediately picked up by self-generating email alerts to stakeholders thereby eliminating any advertising downtime, reducing the risk for advertisers to have grievance from loss of screen time.
Data collection by CVB allowed patterns of performance to be studied, problems anticipated which meant that there was little or no advertisers down time resulting in a terrific performance, and very happy stakeholders.


Google were able launch their new product campaign confidently on time, advertised on twenty impressive Slimline LED screens on the side of the capitals buses – reaching their desired, diverse rich audience connecting with often a young, urban, affluent mobile users close to the point of sale delivering scale, dynamism and geo targeting on time and on budget making an enormous impact and saving. Low maintenance & Speed of installation which means that costs are minimised and there is no additional down time for the buses. CVB made this happen and we can make it happen for you, on time and on budget, call us today!

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